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I am willing and available to speak with you concerning  various illnesses.Problems with bills, doctor appointments, asking health care specialist questions concerning, medication, travel arrangements, hospital visits, and the passing of a love one.

Contact me,

Mrs. Patricia Williams

P.O. Box 314

Brunson,SC 29911

803-439-9072 or 803-632-2828


10 thoughts on “Contact Me”

  1. What a beautiful tribute to Carlton and a wonderful resource for people with disabilities and their families. Partners in Policymaking is very proud to have you in our group. I have already added your blog of Carlton’s Room to My Favorites. I will share this with the new PIP Class 13.

    I hope you will become involved with OPTIMA Partner Graduate Network. You have so much to share and to give to other parents. I didn’t know about the Free Medications for People Who are Unemployed but will share this. Also, I am sending a copy of the article on Tuberous Sclerosis and Autism to the SC Autism Society. I will also share your Blog and contact information with other PIP parents whose children may have the same diagnosis or have lost a child. What a wonderful gift you have.

    PRO-Parents Address is the same – but our Suite number has changed to Suite 203.

    Thanks so much.

    Redick Loring
    Partners in Policymaking

  2. Dear Team,

    I would like to get an access to or to buy International TSC Research Conference (Sep 23-26th, 2009) materials (printing or on CDs).
    Is it possible?

    Please contact me!

    Thanks in advance, Olga

  3. Hi Olga, Thanks of coming by Carlton’s Room@ I will contact the ITSC Research Conf. and see if I can get information for you. Please stay check your mail for my reply..

  4. I lozt my right kidney to a very large aml in 2008. I have a small aml on remaining kidney.i am now having respiratorh pro lems with patchy atelacis. I suspect lam. My neprologist diagnosed tsc but insurance refused to pay for genetic testing. Lost my job from being tired all the time. I now ha e no insurance. I need some help and resources please.

  5. hi patricia my name is dawn inman and i have TSC I was diagnosed in 1988 when i was 13…i had seizures and they faded away until 2010 when my high blood pressure through me into a seizure now i have random petit mal seizures i am sorry for ant family who is so proundly affected by such a constantly changing condition

    1. Hi Dawn, Thank you for the comment and connecting with me in Carlton’s Room. I’m happy you visited Carlton’s Room. Please share the blog and help me make it a place you will continue sharing and visiting for one reason or another. I want to make it a place with lots of helpful information, feel good stories and music not to mention lots of encouragement. Stay strong don’t let the condition get you down and stay in touch with me. Be Blessed Always, (You control your condition, don’t let your condition control you!)


  6. Patricia–My name is Richard Yount—83 years young–I am sitting in Brian’s room–he died Oct. 8, 2011—I learned a lot from him and his philosophy was positive thinking and helping others–He went thru cancer treatment for(age 17) 4 years–cured, but 20 years later the radiation/chemo had damaged his heart—fortunately he had a wonderful wife and 4 year old at the time of his death–That is our common denominator-
    My wife Jo Anne, passed away May 12 2013–after battling dementia/Alzheimers for about 4 years—
    Several of us seniors in our church have visited an obscure, but very lovingly operated nursing facility—Bishopville Manor—
    They need help—and we are offering-assistance
    44 residents–majority of which are suffering from mental-problems
    their stated needs:
    Some structural repairs for room #7(I requested the DEHEC report)
    upgrade the Kitchen
    6 single mattresses(Roses at $100/unit)
    12 chairs(Roses at $60/unit)
    Pictures, and wall decorations–

    PatriciaI have contacted the Byerly Foundation here in Hartsville–they do not give grants outside Darlington County–

    Can you suggest some helpful solutions????????Thanks–I came across your site looking thru Icap—Richard

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