OrganizedWisdom® is the first realtime, health and wellness discovery engine.

About OrganizedWisdom

OrganizedWisdom® is the first realtime, health and wellness discovery engine. The company’s WisdomCards™ provide an easy way for people to discover great links, shared by experts, organized by topic.

Imagine being able to have a doctor sitting next to you while searching for health information…

What if you could quickly find the best resource recommendations from physicians, nurses, or health advocates for any health question you have? Or what if you could see the most current trends on the health topics that matter most to you?

Now you can with WisdomCards™ from OrganizedWisdom® (, a unique service which helps people easily discover great links, shared by experts, organized by topic.

The WisdomCard Technology Platform™

OrganizedWisdom’s WisdomCard Technology Platform™ organizes the information that experts are sharing every day, while solving the problem of intelligently aggregating the massive trove of unstructured social content that exists on the web. The innovative new platform combines relevance analysis and human validation to transform crowdsourced content into “organized wisdom” through a system of social content curation, natural language processing, semantic web taxonomies, and automated search trend analysis.

One of the most unique components of OrganizedWisdom is its Expert Contributor Community where every expert must be invited or nominated for inclusion. While consumers use OrganizedWisdom to find the most useful and current health and wellness information, top doctors and health professionals use the platform as a way to make their best recommendations discoverable by patients, to promote their practice or knowledge, and get recognition for their various online endeavors and achievements. Each expert earns a WisdomScore™ determined by the company’s Physician Review Board and an algorithm which incorporates an analysis of their online influence, credentials, certifications, content, achievements and ongoing contributions.

OrganizedWisdom is a free service for consumers. The company offers targeted advertising solutions and premium services.

Based in New York City, OrganizedWisdom was founded by serial entrepreneurs Steven Krein and Unity Stoakes. The company is backed by prominent investors including Esther Dyson, Roger Ehrenberg, Linda Holliday, Jason Finger, Jeff Stewart and SeventySix Capital. Learn more about OrganizedWisdom at [its blog] or twitter @organizedwisdom.


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