Heavenly Father

Your Warrior Prepares for Battle

Today I Claim Victory over Satan by Putting On “The Whole

Armor of God!

I Put On The Girdle Of Truth! May I Stand Firm in the Truth

Of Your Word So I Will Not Be a Victim of Satan’s Lies

I Put On the Breastplate Of Righteousness! May It Guard My Heart from Evil So I Will Remain Pure and Holy, Protected Under the Blood of Jesus Christ

I Put On The Shoes Of Peace! May I Stand Firm in the Good News of the Gospel So Your Peace Will Shine through Me and Be A Light To All I Encounter

I Take The Shield Of Faith! May I Be Ready for Satan’s Fiery Darts Of Doubt, Denial And Deceit So I Will Not Be Vulnerable To Spiritual Defeat

I put on a Helmet of Salvation! May I Keep My Mind Focus on You So Satan Will Not Have a Stronghold on My Thoughts

I Take The Sword Of The Spirit! May the 2 Edge Sword of Your Word Be Ready in My Hands So I can expose The Words of Satan?

By Faith Your Warrior Has Put On The Armor Of God!

I Am Prepared To Live This Day In Spiritual Victory!!!!


I don’t know where Carlton got this prayer  but he had a copy on the  in his room and in our kitchen. He would say

It every day. If anyone knows who the author is please contact me.


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