For The Travolta Family

I will be following this story very closely and posting updates daily. My heart hurt for the Travolta family! I’m amazed at the insensitivity of the media.I heard a CNN reporter go at the family today not to mention printed comments online.

What if someone found your son in the bathroom dead? Would it matter how long he was there or who was with him? Right now all this family knows or cares about is that, there son is gone. They’ll worry about the other questions later. Can they have time to deal with this tragedy with some sense of respect and maybe a little concern from fellow human beings? Forget the story for once and think about this family.

I lost 2 sons, both before the age of 30. My oldest son was killed by accident in a drive-by shooting. I didn’t know what really happened to him until a month passed. I was told what happened but I wasn’t hearing or understanding.

I lost my youngest son a few months ago, he was epileptic from the age of 11 months old and its not easy to accept the fact your child has a disability and there is nothing you can do about it. Only parents with children who have special needs can understand the unconditional love and hopelessness we go through. This blog is dedicated to my son Carlton who lived a full and happy life. Coincidentally, Carlton passed out in the bathroom before he passed but my husband and I found him. He was hospitalized but passed 5 days later.

I will be updating this blog with more information about Carlton’s life and the diesease he battled so please continue to check back.


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