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Epilepsy Foundation of South Carolina

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Programs and Services

Epilepsy Foundation of South Carolina’s Programs and Services

All programs and service are provided at no cost to the consumer and the general public.

  • CampRiverRun is a weeklong residential summer camp for children with epilepsy.  The children can enjoy an exciting summer experience, meet other children with epilepsy, and are able to interact and share feelings with one another at no cost.  Trained medical personnel and counselors are provided.
  • “Seizure Recognition and First Aid”is a program designed to assist school personnel in developing skills in the detection of and coping with epilepsy in the classroom.
  • “Take Another Look” and “When Seizures Are Medical Emergencies” are training programs created to educate community law enforcement and emergency response teams concerning epilepsy.
  • Support Group and Parent Networks are organized monthly to provide an opportunity for people affected by epilepsy to share experiences and solve problems through discussion and mutual support.
  • Vocational Rehabilitationreferral.
  • EFSC Newsletter provides a forum for up-to-date information on causes, treatment, support groups, and upcoming events.
  • Conferences and Workshops are organized for consumers, educators and medical personnel to supply venues for education about up-to-date information about research and treatments for epilepsy.
  • Advocacy Services intercede on consumers’ behalf with private state and local agencies.
  • Speakers Bureau provides presentations to organizations throughout South Carolina to educate and inform the public about epilepsy, unlocking doors and offering friendship and understanding to those affected by this disorder.
  • Referral Services assist in locating physicians, social workers and vocational rehabilitation counselors and other professional or service agencies.
  • Comprehensive Library is available in our offices with materials such as videos, books and pamphlets about epilepsy.
  • Managing Students with Seizures utilizes a targeted approach to epilepsy education through the school system by identifying the school nurse as an invaluable teaching and training professional.
  • H.O.P.E. (Helping Other People with Epilepsy) Mentoring Program was created to allow people who live with epilepsy to educate others and share their experiences.  Mentors are trained to present programs to a variety of audiences such as people with epilepsy, newly diagnosed, children, teens, women, the elderly, support groups, schools, churches, businesses, and healthcare professionals. Contact the EFSC office to find out more about the H.O.P.E. program or to have one of our trained mentors conduct a presentation at your site.
  • Research Support  – Our Charleston, SC satellite office works closely with MUSC to assist in current epilepsy research initiatives that will benefit those with epilepsy in South Carolina and beyond.
  • Project School Nurse

Epilepsy Foundation of South Carolina
652 Bush River Road, Suite 211

Columbia, SC 29210

phone: (803) 798-8502 fax: (803) 798-8591



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