Different types of epilepsy and first aid 3 Articles

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    by Allison Collins

    Epilepsy is a seizure disorder that is diagnosed when a person has two or more repeated seizures that were unprevoked. Unprevoked meaning no drug use, alcohol use, fever, head injury, or sleep deprivation. There are tw…read more

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    by CM Gilbert

    Epilepsy is a neorological disorder in which the brain is overactive causing all neurons in the brain to fire at once. This usually causes seizures, but these can be almost imperceptible sometimes. Epilepsy has no singl…read more

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    by Cynthia Harlan

    Epilepsy has been in my family for generations. My grandmother, my sister, myself, my son, and my daughter all have Grand Mal seizures. This is the type of seizures that most people recognize. It usually begins with an a…read more


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