Southern Pride

What happened to southern charm,grace,honor,pride,manners,and that good old southern drawl? There was a time when the south was bad but yet good.I can remember when people from up north would send there children down south, to teach them good manners and to enjoy and learn southern ways. Can there be such a place? Can good and bad exist at the same time?

I was born in Hampton County South Carolina,a small town called Brunson. It was a time when black men and women worked long and hard to take care of family.Family was more than mom, dad and kids. Family was aunts, uncle, and cousins to the 4th generation. How did we go from being proud of working hard and doing what you had to do to take care of family, to going to jail for not taking care of family? If a black man worked in the fields and had one shirt and one pair of pants he would be neat and clean. Pants with holes in them would be ironed,Sunday shirts would be starched and ironed. What Happened? It was common for young girls to have children at a young age but there was no welfare no projects with free rent. Young girls and boys worked and taught the babies to work it was a part of our heritage.Life wasn’t easy but the south was a place of hard working people with a lot of pride in themselves, graceful in what they did and said. Honor to family, work and country.Manners in all their actions and speech, not to mention that slow southern drawl. What happened. Yes, it was bad for our fathers and grandfathers but in spite of it all those old men and women owned land, raised large families and some graduated from college. No welfare,free apartment,food stamp, free lunch,free breakfast,in some cases no school bus. Matter of fact in most cases no school.What happened? Yes, it was bad but good.

There was a line of divide back then as it is today but even the klu kluck klan had pride about what they did and said.White men were know as southern gentlemen , and white women were treated like queens. What happened? Now, it doesn’t matter what you say or do as long as you’re being seen or heard. If a white man was know as a good man who would do everything he could to help blacks nobody could say anything about him. If a black man had a good name he could go anywhere in the county or send one of his children and get anything he wanted or needed. Good yet Bad but what happened?

Hampton County is in the process of change and everyone is talking about what needs to be done to make this happen. Well, we need to stop talking about the problems in the county and start acting out everything we would like to see happen. Stop talking about our education system and just do what you can to help, stop talking about race relation and check yourself first . Can you make the first move to make it better? I want to know why a flag with a few people who support it can hold a state and county hostage? Good and bad together! Only action brings about change.A lot of talk does nothing but cause change to slow down or stop. So, lets move our county to the next level together!


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